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Optimize LEDs on Freifunk routers

This is about the default configuration of the LEDs on router devices with the Freifunk / Gluon firmware ( For example, on my “TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v9” the WAN and wifi LEDs are constantly blinking as there is constant traffic on the according devices.…

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No more Compulsory Routers - Routerfreiheit bei NetCologne

tl;dr: this post is about the free choice of routers to be used on home broadband connections in Germany. Since August 1st, a new law enables customers to receive credentials for the DSL connections as well as for VoIP services in order to use end devices (i.…

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Report generator for Logstash parse failures

Since quite some I’m using Logstash (actually the whole ELK stack) for collecting, enriching and storing log events from various servers and applications. While Logstash is great for this job, sometimes it cannot parse some log events because the events have an unknown formatting or my parsing rules don’t match well enough.…

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Easily check SSL certificates on websites

Here is a simple script to quickly get an overview of the SSL certificates used on various websites, e.g. to check expiration or issuer. For me, this helped a lot while migrating website certificates to Let’s Encrypt.…

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